• Jakarta – Around 80 percent of the world population has a mobile phone. The number of mobile phones around the world estimated to be about 5 billion units, with 1.08 billion units of which include smart phones. Thus, it’s no wonder when browsing on the Internet today is mostly done through mobile phones.

    Most of the smart phone owners, as quoted from the go-globe.com, prefer to use a standard mobile web browser, aka the phones default browser. They reason, the default web browser is definitely the best for their phones.

    There is also the thought that they do not need to change the web browser because it did not want to be bothered by trivial matters, such as the need to download first and then run the application.

    Another reason put forward is that they feel no need to update the web browse, as is done on a notebook or desktop computer. Therefore, updating the application is much more important than replacing the web browser on the mobile device.

    For desktop and notebook computers, the web browser is the most widely used Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Competition to be the most popular frequently occur between Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.

    In mobile devices, such as smart mobile phones and tablet computers, maps of different strength. Which became the market share leader for the mobile web browser is Apple’s Safari and Google’s Chrome browser fib.

    However, in recent months, Safari increasingly dominant. According to the output data from Net Applications, Safari controlled 61.79 percent market share for web traffic in March. In fact, months before Apple’s browser only won 55.41 percent market share.

    In general, mobile web browsers can be distinguished from ability, such as opening a different site, doing page zoom, and make a keyboard shortcut. However, there is also an optimal mobile web browsers on mobile devices use only.

    In addition, there are several mobile devices also can not offer a lot of choice what mobile web browsers can be used. One of the devices is a flexible mobile devices with Windows Mobile operating system.

    In Indonesia, people always want a high-speed mobile web browser.

    “We provide the connectivity features with high compression, especially on a busy network. Compression is also advantageous because the users were able to save the battery, “said Communications Manager Opera Indonesia, Agnes Agastia, two weeks ago.

    No less aggressive in offering the experience of using a mobile web browser is Google. According to Google’s Head of Communications Indonesia Vishnu K. Mahmud, Google will continue to focus on developing a modern browser Chrome that will provide the best experience for its users.

    Mobile web browser is best for your device, of course depending on the need and type of device used. Therefore, not all mobile devices compatible with the existing web browser.

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  • February 26, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Hardware

    Jakarta – Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Google, Larry Page, said he likes to wear Google Glass although not as often as his fellow founders, Sergey Brin ie.

    “It was like living in the future,” he said when presenting the company’s performance for the second quarter via teleconference. “It really makes me excited.” At a wedding in Croatia, Larry is seen wearing smart glasses.

    “For some people, working on crazy projects are very challenging,” he continued. “Attempting to change the world with ten co-workers.”

    Some projects that turned into a popular product used by many people in the world like Gmail, Chrome, and Android. “I see the results of our work on a number of projects and I feel satisfied.”

    Several other projects are being worked on is the smart glasses Glass, Google Now, Project Loon, and a vehicle without a driver. “Misrepresentation if we assume the technology will be static,” he said.

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  • February 25, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Software

    HighJump Software, a global provider of supply chain management software, announced today it has named Jonathan Kwok director of Asia-Pacific (APAC) sales. Based in Shanghai, he is responsible for channel management and will lead the expansion of the HighJump™ Supply Chain Advantage suite in the region.

    Kwok has nearly 20 years of experience in logistics software, from development and system design to professional services and channel management with some of the largest supply chain solution companies in the world. He was drawn to HighJump Software because of its adaptable solutions’ early success in China and Southeast Asia.

    “APAC is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, and companies here are under huge pressure to react quickly to market and consumer demands,” said Kwok. “HighJump Software has a flexible, agile and adaptable warehouse management system that companies here need and this distinguishes them in the market. I am thrilled to be part of an organization that is so committed to the Asia-Pacific region and lead its expansion.”

    “Jonathan brings the depth of experience and expertise that I am looking for to lead APAC. He has run a business in China, which is so important to the success of this huge market. And he is based out of Shanghai, which is a strategic location for building networks in Greater China, India and Southeast Asia,” said David Houser, vice president of international sales, HighJump Software. “Jonathan is a key addition to our team and we are delighted to have him on board.”

    HighJump Software also has a research and development center in Shanghai that supports the entire supply chain product suite.

    About HighJump Software Inc.
    HighJump Software is a global provider of supply chain management software that streamlines the flow of inventory and information from supplier to store shelf. HighJump Software solutions for distribution and logistics, direct store delivery, trading partner connectivity, mobility and manufacturing include: warehouse management systems, transportation management systems, route accounting systems, manufacturing execution, mobile sales, the TrueCommerce™ EDI Solutions Platform.

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  • February 22, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Hardware

    JAKARTA – Toshiba continues to flood the market with the latest line of notebooks. Unmitigated, the Japanese manufacturer is introducing six champion as well as to the Indonesian market.
    Toshiba seems to deliberately give broad options to consumers on the need for a portable PC. Six new hero is introduced, among others, Z10t Portege, Qosmio X70, S40 Satellite, Satellite P50, Satellite C40, and Satellite L40.
    “Purity, Metal, Functional Elegance, Intuition, and Technology. Those are some basic designs that we apply to our newest line of laptops,” said Gregory Beh, Product Specialist, PC Product Marketing, Computer Systems Division, Toshiba Singapore, in Introducing New Toshiba Notebook PC’s Line Up, in Jakarta, Thursday (07/04/2013).
    He added that the six portable PC is Toshiba’s line up of products that are available in the market this month. “This year we are still concentrating on notebooks,” said Beh.

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    February 20, 2021 /  Pets & Animals

    Solar Thermal Power

    Solar power is the stable and trusted source of energy needed to maintain our residences, organizations and whole planet in great condition as well as in equilibrium. Solar energy is warm and glowing light from the Sun which is used utilizing a vast array of ever-changing technologies consisting of solar home heating, solar photovoltaics (PV) power, solar thermal power, solar style, photochemical power plants, synthetic photosynthesis and molten salt generators. With a constant and foreseeable boost in solar installment and also demand, it’s a risk-free presumption we’ll see a countless increase in the use of solar-powered equipment as well as solutions in the future. Solar power is the cleanest type of energy available. The Planet obtains its power from the sun numerous years back, long before people have even established complex life types. Using this old source, we can be sure that it will never ever lapse. Solar focused power is an unique type of solar power system that transforms sunlight right into power by harnessing its light straight and successfully. One of the advantages of utilizing solar energy is that you can produce electrical power from any kind of area with practically no in advance financial investment. Solar panels can be installed anywhere there is sun, they do not require subjected wires or cooling because the solar power directly comes from the Sun. Electrical energy generated from solar energy can be saved in deep cycle batteries for later usage, or used today. Photovoltaic cells are used to generate electrical energy using sunshine. Solar batteries work by soaking up the sunlight’s light and transforming it right into electrical power using a device called a photovoltaic (PV). The power created by the PV is direct existing (DC), rotating current (Air Conditioning). Air Conditioner electrical power can travel cross countries airborne; DC electricity is only efficient near the surface area of the earth. With the increasing popularity of solar energy panels, people are likewise starting to realize the potential energy savings that come from utilizing solar power. Solar thermal power is used to heat water, generate steam as well as even to create warmth for ac unit to run effectively. By using solar thermal power, you can reduce your total energy prices by concerning 30%. Utilizing solar thermal power does not call for any type of up front installation expenses as well as you can enjoy instantaneous power on demand. Solar thermal systems are effective both on gloomy days and in the cold weather when cool air mass develops a large drop in interior temperatures. The Sunlight’s rays are extremely quickly retrievable. Actually, scientists report that it is just recently possible to recover the sun’s power almost right away. Retrieval takes place at a solar energy station called the solar batteries. They warm a fluid that flows into an enthusiast and after that returns the cooled down fluid to the Sun. This liquid is called “solar fluid.” The fetched solar power is then exchanged electrical power for your household devices as well as various other electrical purposes such as drying garments as well as roof. When this energy is used, it will reduce your energy bill substantially. The modern technology is still fairly brand-new and has actually not yet caught on around the world, yet it makes sense to shift over now while prices are reduced and also with the industry moving on, the cost must boil down also additionally.

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    February 20, 2021 /  Travel

    Identifying Equipments And Also Their Types

    Classifying systems describe the equipment that is utilized in the production of labels. Labeling is a process that makes it possible for a firm to indicate the kind, amount, place as well as any various other details connecting to the product. Labels provide an efficient and also convenient means for companies to offer pertinent information to their buyers. Classifying is among the most important aspects of the advertising mix of any kind of firm. Labeling techniques can aid to create the very best readily available problems for item advertising. Identifying systems come in numerous kinds, relying on the type of items that they are designed to label. Semi-automatic labeling systems are utilized largely to identify a single product. They make up manual supplies, automatic supply or shipment systems or semi-automatic supply and also shipment systems. Totally automatic systems give standardized, controlled quality assurance. These typically include various labeling choices such as complete shade CMYK printer, blank labels, as well as customized stock. Full-color printers make sure high quality printing with accurate color resolution and appropriate print headstock location. Some labeling systems include a label applicator. The label applicator is a customized tool with a screw-like system that rolls over a variety of level surface areas, applying labels from one end to the other. The applicator includes a finishing sleeve, a tag head, a nozzle as well as a springtime. Classifying machines with applicators make it feasible to label a vast array of things such as bottles, drums, food containers, bags, envelopes, data, tapes, folders, documents and also even more. Thermal labels offer high accuracy and maximum item security. Thermal tags are applied by pressing the tags directly versus the substratum product, staying clear of contact with the heat-sensitive paper or ink. This guarantees that thermal tags will certainly stick to the product they are printed on. Thermal tags are usually made use of for packaging, food preparation, washing as well as hospital applications. The majority of labeling machines with thermal adhesive applicators consist of an integrated ink feeder that makes it possible to use the ink directly. Some internet labeling systems need physical information such as barcodes and also item information. This data is after that processed by an on-line software program. Internet labeling devices generally consist of barcode scanners and an optional barcode visitor. Some maker applications are created to operate in conjunction with typical upc code tools. As an example, some machines permit you to get in product information such as quantity, supply degree, stock status and also various other essential product information via touchscreens. The technology used for labeling machines and also relevant devices has continued to breakthrough. Advances in online as well as off-line labeling systems have actually made it possible for large, long-lasting labelling jobs to be carried out accurately and successfully. Relying on your firm’s labeling needs, your tag printer can provide a variety of efficiency abilities. Before you pick a labeling system for your organization, take a great consider the labeling printers being used in sector vast as well as find the one that will certainly be most ideal for your business’s requirements.

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  • February 20, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Software

    Jakarta – WhatsApp is one of the instant messaging service that can be used by many types of cell phone operating system. Not surprisingly, WhatsApp has 250 million active users. According to the Wall Street Journal website, this amount is equivalent to the number of users on Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and Skype.
    What’s more, the instant messaging application also does not include ads in their services. Users were not bothered by ads that sometimes appear like the other instant messaging services.
    Now, WhatsApp update the application with new features for Windows Phone users. Some of the new features that include
    1. Make voice calls;
    2. Background API (Application Programming Interface) which can play music;
    3. New Smiley;
    4. Notifications are updated to the user;
    5. Quick summary (if the application is open and the user clicks the notification, the application will open fast like on Android);
    6. The user will be asked whether you want to save the conversation history, users can arrange it through the settings menu, and
    7. Images are displayed larger.
    Updates on Windows Phone devices can be downloaded in Windows Phone Store.

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  • February 20, 2021 /  Hardware

    Cruising Through the Content Browser Using Wireless Smartphone

    Transfer content from your PC to the Android-based smartphone is easy. Several methods can be used for it. You have a choice of using a regular cable connection represented USB port or wireless connection represented by bluetooth and WiFi. If you have a router that is connected to the PC and smartphone in one network, it can use wireless connections to share data without bothered by wires.

    d4-436-wifiWiFi File File Transfer offers ease of operation. You pass enough alone installation on a smartphone. When run, the application will detect your internet protocol (IP) on the computer and then instantly displays the IP address of the smartphone. Later on smartphone app will display an IP address that is automatically configured. To connect the smartphone to the computer, you just enter the IP address displayed on the smartphone via the browser and automatically you can directly access the entire contents of the smartphone via browser.

    Automated storage media on a smartphone will instantly appear in the browser like a file manager in Windows. You stay down all the existing content on the memory card and can perform various commands such as download, delete, copy, or rename. You can also combine all or part of existing content by performing compression in a ZIP format and make the content. The application also displays a special shortcut to a content-based image file directory with the name of the Media Gallery.

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  • February 18, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Hardware

    Internet users in Indonesia continues to increase. As of the end of 2012, Indonesia, which has a population of 237.5 million people has 63 million Internet users.

    When compared to the condition two years ago, seen a significant surge in Internet traffic in IIX (Indonesia Internet eXchange). March 2013, the average traffic reached 10 Gigabit per second, or 4x the condition in 2010.

    “As a result, our routing infrastructure that already exists is approaching maximum capacity, while Internet traffic growth shows no signs of slowing down,” said Private Harijanto (Chairman IIX).

    “The main problem is about 60 percent of Indonesia’s population using mobile phones, but are accessing the Internet from the handset is still fairly small,” said Harijanto. “Obviously, this trend will change quickly. 3G infrastructure development nationwide 4G/LTE technology is almost completed and will be implemented next year. ”

    Anticipating the explosion of bandwidth requirements up to 10x in the next five years, the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII) is now using the series routers Brocade MLXe-16 is able to support 100 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) as the main component IIX. IIX two main router was installed at different locations to ensure high availability. With the substantial spare capacity in the 16-slot chassis, APJII has ample scope to install modules with a capacity of four-port 40 GbE and two-port module with a capacity of 100 GbE in the future.

    APJII also plans to apply the technology Brocade Multi-Chassis Trunking (MCT). This technology will connect the two routers on top to create a single tool that is able to generalize the traffic load on network-network service provider that has a lot of connections to the center of the Indonesian Internet Exchange.

    APJII currently has 278 members, including telecommunications companies, Internet service providers and content providers. Some 161 of which have been connected to the IIX via IPv4, while 51 of them also use IPv6 connection.

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  • February 16, 2021 /  Computer Technology, Internet Informations

    Google was announced The Chromecast, a small WiFi-enabled HDMI dongle that may well prove big news for bringing mobile and browser games to your living room.

    The Chromecast plugs into your television’s HDMI slot, and allows you to send content from Android and iOS devices to the TV screen via Wi-Fi, while also supporting Chromebooks, and the Chrome web browser for Mac and Windows.

    The device that is connected to the Chromecast then controls everything you see on the TV. The one caveat is that mobile apps need to integrate the Googlecast SDK to be able to send content across (apps in a Chrome web browser will work via “Chrome tab projection.”)

    The device costs $35, and is already available to purchase directly from the Google Play Store. Notably, the possibility of projecting mobile and browser games via the device is not mentioned on the official website, which focuses on the video and music capabilities of the device.

    As such, there’s no word as-of-yet regarding whether games will be fully supported, or whether input lag will cause issues for this particular line of fire.

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