• DockView: Choose Window Applications Jump at Dock

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    November 10, 2020 /  Computer Technology, Software

    Dock is part desktop OS X that characterizes Apple’s flagship computer operating system. Dock functions such as running apilkasi shortcuts or files and move from one application to another. To move from window to another window in an application, the user must use the OS X Exposé. But, what if asiknya application icon in the Dock to have features such as Windows 7, which the user can select a window which opens directly without having to rely on Exposé.

    For those of you who want those features, can wear DockView apps in the App Store.

    Like I mentioned earlier, DockView able to provide thumbnail windows of an application by placing the cursor over the application that has many windows.

    DockView also supports thumbnail windows through the App Swithcer. Suitable for you who frequently use the App Swithcer to move the window. Still clumsy with App Swithcer? Just look at the previous tips, about maximizing the use of the App Swithcer.

    Label the price is free, but it actually has a Dock View in app purchase to eliminate loading thumbnail window sometimes appears for a few seconds.

    Additional Dock DockView a supplement that must be considered to accelerate access to switch between windows.

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